Why Gimmick?

"That's a terrible name for a coffee brand." is probably what you're thinking.

Truth be told, the terrible truth is that so much of the coffee industry relies on gimmicks, deception, bullshit, lies, and some fanciful pretend culture that wishes it was half as cool as wine.

I was standing in the aisle of the grocery store, staring at the million and one bags of coffee and not understanding at all how two bags of what appear to be the same bean type and flavor profiles can be between 8 and 16 dollars. Can there really be that much of a median area between the two, or is one company just charging some mega high price because some poor schmucks will pay it thinking it's a better coffee. I find that highly offensive, but I shouldn't be surprised because so much of the coffee industry is filled with smoke and mirrors.

With my coffee brand, I had to set out on a different path to ensure utmost quality but not treat my potential customer like an idiot. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you about the complex crescendo of flavor, or the bright acidity, or notes of tobacco and black cherry. I don't taste that, and neither do you- but it sure as hell sounds good on the bag labeling. So many coffee brands over promise and under deliver. Great coffee is great coffee. You either drink it, or you don't.

I found a roaster that I believe in, one that buys the beans direct from the coffee farms and brews to my exact specifications. My beans had to be certified organic, and certified fair trade because I believe in the highest quality joe comes from pesticide free family style farms treated with respect, and produce the best black gold. Gimmick coffee is serious about tasting great, without the over priced tag usually associated with being organic and fair trade. I could charge more, but that's not the point of this venture.

My coffee will be known as a few things: the every day hard workers coffee, a coffee not afraid of overtime, unwilling to compromise in any way shape or form, a coffee committed to quality, and a product promised to keep you happy.


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