Pour over is the preferred brew of Gimmick.

From Candice Dixon, coffee enthusiast:

Pour-over coffee, also known as hand-pour or drip-brew coffee, has become increasingly popular among coffee gurus. The method produces a great cup of joe, but requires extra time and a small arsenal of equipment. This may sound complicated, but the effort is completely worth it. 

In essence, drip brewing is the process of pouring hot water over fresh grinds in a paper filter, usually directly into a cup, resulting in a more aromatic, fuller serving of java than you'd get from an automatic coffee-maker. The advantage of the drip method of brewing is that the hot water passes slowly passes through the grounds, extracting more flavor and aroma components; with hand-pouring, it’s easier to control the water temperature and the pour rate.

The pour-over brewing technique may have become more popular in America in recent years, but it's long been the order of the day in Japan, where making coffee is taken almost as seriously as the preparation and consumption of tea. There is evidence, in fact, that the current interest in pour-over coffee was inspired by the coffee houses of Japan — and indeed, some of the equipment serious coffee-hounds are using here today is imported from that country.

From Jeff Crutcher, founder of Gimmick:

I started this adventure to have the ultimate coffee to brew and to share that with my buddies. I located the ultimate roasting house, created a badass bag, and am fulfilling a coffee that is everything I need to power me through my day at work. Many years ago, I switched to a french press over an automatic brewer. Talk about strong coffee! Lots of people find this to be the happy medium between a pour over and an auto drip, but the extra amount of coffee grounds that I would end up consuming was a little tough on my stomach.

I started using the pour over and fell in love with coffee all over again. To me- it's the ultimate way to brew and has become an absolute morning ritual for me that I take great pride in doing, because I'm starting every day with the best flavor possible and that's 10 minutes of me time where I'm in the zone and crafting something I'll be able to enjoy for the next two hours while I prepare for work. I'm attaching a video of the ins and outs of pouring over.. I hope your brew is delicious and strong as you are. Take it away Mr. Bald hipster coffee man!

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