New bag! Lowered prices! Learn how to save on shipping...

Whoa dude! I brought the prices down, and simplified the shipping process. You can now select either UPS for the quickness, or USPS for the cheapness. Shipping is a bitch, I know, but until Gimmick is a multinational conglomerate, I still have to charge for shipping. However, it's flat rate, so if you want to save on shipping add a couple bags to your order and the cost per bag drops by up to half!

The new bag is a hot red chrome with a translucent decal, fitted with a nice large box for you to write in what your Gimmick is the official coffee of.. Hard work? The hustle? Me? My job? The universe? The options are unlimited and I can't wait to see what you write in.

Also, between myself and one of my hardcore customers, we have been testing and developing a permanent medium roast to occupy the Gimmick line of coffee. Stay on the lookout for that to be introduced soon.

Happy brewing,


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