It's happening.

I love to give you full transparency, because that's the foundation of which Gimmick is built on as being antibullshit.

Over the last couple months I've been balancing the act between ordering in and shipping out the right amount of fresh roasted coffee. It's been a serious learning curve, because Gimmick is the first time I've sold a stock-and-fulfill commodity. Any time I temporarily sell out of a product I think "holy shit it's happening". Which is only followed with "holy shit it happened". Growth is equally satisfying as it is scary.

Because I absolutely hate running out of product and my customers not being able to get their coffee exactly when they want it- I'm implementing a new system to ensure running out of product is a thing of the past. It's nothing you'll notice on the front end of the website or during the ordering process, but behind the scene an updated stocking plan is rolling out.

Also, there will be more events I'm booking to vend hot coffee and iced coffee at. Up next is the Justin Brayton Shootout motocross race in Winterset, Iowa on May 15-16-17. Following that will be the Innovative MX MEGA CAMP in Maize, Kansas over Labor Day weekend. The best place to find where Gimmick is going is on Instagram @gimmickcoffeecom

Thanks for the business, and I'm genuinely so excited to serve you some absolutely delicious coffee.


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